While runaway inflation (8.5% Consumer Price Index) in America has reached levels not seen since 1981, there appears to be no recession at the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Even with declining enrollment, The Atlantic City Board of Education is preparing to hire people for big money.

Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin recently referred to the declination in student enrollment to be “historically significant.”

Critics are pointing out that Atlantic City Hall, under Marty Small, and the Atlantic City Public Schools under La’Quetta Small (husband and wife) are becoming pseudo employment agencies for friends and the well connected.

The two Smalls (combined) receive more than $400,000 per-year in salaries, plus fringe benefits; health benefits, cars, Mayor protection detail, driver, and more.

Here’s one example of a position that was approved at last night’s regular ACBOE meeting.

The position of Teacher Coordinator: Elementary Extracurricular Athletics District-Wide (located in the ACBOE jobs compendium as based in the Administration Building).

Jason Lantz was hired last night for this position at an annual salary of $ 100,149, with a Masters Degree and he was placed on Step 14 + $568 Longevity pay.

This position used be held by then Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small.

Small was eliminated from this position due to necessary budget cuts years ago. The position was deemed unnecessary.

A current member of the ACBOE confirmed to us that placing this employee on Step 14 in the salary guide is unprecedented.

According to the Board member, Lantz’s previous position will also be filled.

New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-2 is introducing legislation for the state of New Jersey to takeover the Atlantic City Public Schools District.

In a future report, we will be revealing additional jobs that are being created and/or filled by the Atlantic City Board of Education.

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Atlantic City has fewer students, but, features a bloated administration that keeps getting bigger.

Statewide, 45,000 students have dropped out of public schools in New Jersey over the past two years.

Parental rights in education is going to weigh heavy in the upcoming November 8, 2022, General Election.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy gets it. He recently emphasized the important role that parents play in their children’s lives in public schools.

The issue of trying to detach parents from their children’s educational delivery process was the turning point in the Commonwealth of Virginia election between former Governor Terry McAuliffe, who lost to the new Governor Glenn Youngkin.

There may be 5 or more big-ticket jobs that the Atlantic City Board of Education is preparing to hire.

To be continued.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Board of Education.

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