We have confirmed that Ron Bailey, a candidate for Atlantic City, New Jersey City Council has written a letter to The Atlantic County Board of Elections requesting that an investigation should be opened regarding his 4th Ward City Council race versus George “Animal” Crouch.

Crouch is the handpicked candidate of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Crouch won by a wide margin on Election Day. There are still an unknown number of votes left to be counted, however, likely not enough to change the result of this election.

The vote counting will resume this Thursday, November 15, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. unrelated, but important… The 5th ward race in Atlantic City is only separated by 13 votes at this time.

Bailey states that he received a tip on the day after the November 7, 2023 General Election … which alleges that Marty Small of participating in an election scheme as follows … “Between the primary and general election, the Mayor of Atlantic City Marty Small conspired with Candidate George Crouch to obtain Vote by Mail ballots for Democratic Candidate Crouch for the general election,” writes Bailey.

Bailey’s letter also directly mentions Atlantic City Councilman MD Morshed as being involved in a Vote by Mail scheme to allegedly benefit Crouch.

Bailey’s letter also outlines allegations that allege that Crouch “failed to report ELEC reports in an effort to not disclose transactions that took place between himself and Mayor Marty Small, who was said to be running Crouch's campaign behind the scenes and funding his signs and other materials that were sent out bearing the Paid for by the friends to reelect Mayor Marty Small, Sr" - writes Bailey.

Bailey’s letter details the number of Vote by Mail ballots allegedly obtained by Morshed and another individual in both the primary and general elections.

Bailey ends his letter by stating that:

”I am asking that this matter be looked into and that a decision be made to evaluate the integrity of the VBM ballots to ensure the signatures match and there are no other issues with them before they are certified,”wrote Bailey.

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