Atlantic City Democratic County Committee Member John Devlin was very critical of Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman during our live on-air interview with Suleiman last Friday, April 14, 2023.

Devlin called-in and let Suleiman have it during his 6-7 minute critical monologue of Suleiman.

Devlin criticized Suleiman’s decisions to give a challenger the regular Democratic Party ballot line in the 2nd Ward over the incumbent Councilwoman LaToya Dunston.

Devlin also criticized Suleiman for giving former Atlantic City Board of Education Member George Crouch the regular Democratic ballot column over former Atlantic County Freeholder Board Member Charles Garrett in the 4th Ward.

This one is a head-scratcher as Crouch was removed from the Atlantic City Board of Education on September 6, 2011, following his criminal background check.

A state law was passed during the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie era that prohibited those with a criminal record from serving on a Board of Education.

Crouch’s drug-related crime took place in 1992.

Fred Nickles, the former Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools delivered the expulsion news to Crouch at a Board Meeting and Crouch left the meeting back in September, 2011.

Crouch has served as a dedicated youth sports coach in Atlantic City for many years.

At the time, Atlantic City Board of Education Member Shay Steele wanted to see the state law amended, so that those who have turned their lives around would have the opportunity to serve.

Crouch received the second highest vote total in the election of 2010 for the Atlantic City Board of Education. The top 3 candidates win a 3-year term.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has hand-picked Crouch for City Council and recommended to Suleiman that Crouch should be given the preferential regular Democratic ballot placement.

Suleiman honored The Mayor’s request.

Having this designation is a big advantage. For example, Small has lost every time he has run off of the regular Democratic line.

Small is trying to increase his current narrow 5-4 majority on the Atlantic City Council.

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