In a major development, we have confirmed that three incumbent members of the Atlantic City Council have decided to publicly support and endorse changing the local form of government in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City Council Members Jesse Kurtz, Bruce Weekes and LaToya Dunston are enthusiastically supporting the change and they are encouraging voters to do the same. Here are their public remarks as follows:

“Councilman Bruce Weeks, Councilwoman La Toya Dunston and Councilman Jesse Kurtz have respectfully endorsed the Atlantic City Public Question to be voted upon on Tuesday November 8. They stand by a Non-Partisan Local Mayor & Council Election to be held in May versus November. "We support a YES VOTE, to put control of Atlantic City Elections back in the hands of the people. We support a YES VOTE, to remove out-of-town Party Bosses from controlling our Elections.”

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If you missed our previous coverage about the ballot question initiative that will now decide this matter on General Election Day, November 8, 2022, here is a link.

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Reliable inside sources have advised that one more member of the Atlantic City Council will be endorsing the change separately in the very near future.

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