In a major Decision 2022 campaign development, three Atlantic City Council members have publicly endorsed Vern Macon for Atlantic County Commissioner over incumbent Ernest Coursey.

What is extraordinary about this, is the fact that two of the incumbent Atlantic City Council members are registered Democrats and they have decided to cross over party lines to endorse the Republican nominee, Macon.

In these highly partisan times, you almost never seen something like this occur.

Additionally, they are endorsing a newcomer (Macon)  over their fellow Atlantic City employee, Ernest Coursey, who holds a senior position in the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small administration.

Their decision to rebuke Coursey in such a public manner speaks volumes as to the mounting opposition that Coursey is presently facing.

The Coursey district 1 Commissioner seat was significantly reconfigured in last year’s 10-year Census process. The new map gives a Republican a chance to win this seat for the first time ever.

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Democratic Atlantic City Council members Bruce Weekes and LaToya Dunston, along with Republican Councilman Jesse Kurtz released the following public comments regarding their decision to endorse Macon over Coursey in the upcoming November 8, 2020 to General election:

“Councilman Bruce Weeks, Councilwoman La Toya Dunston and Councilman Jesse Kurtz have unanimously endorsed one of the first African American Women Construction Business Owners, Ms. Vern Macon for District 1 Atlantic County Commissioner.”

“In prior years, Ms. Vern provided the Atlantic City Youth with training and jobs in the construction trade. She developed a YOUTH BUILD PROGRAM, which was held in The Armory Building in Atlantic City. Another program she established was The Pre-Apprenticeship Painting Program, which was part of the building and development for the New Atlantic City High School Project.”

“Ms. Vern has a proven record of giving directly back to the community. "We support her vision, her strong commitment to keeping families safe, family rights, accountability and promises to make a change in our community."

Councilman Weekes also added:

"We support her vision to create equitable access to
resources that will help better the quality of life of Atlantic
County Residents,” said Weekes.
Coursey has become an unpopular “lightening rod” according to many sources within Atlantic City Hall.

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