The toll booths that are spread out along the stretch of the Atlantic City Express are indeed going away -- but if you're a New Jersey native, you know better than to believe you'll save any money.

The plan is to replace those old toll booths with a new system that's geared toward EZPass users.

The new system involves installing those big metal trusses that we pass under. As we do, devices attached to those trusses, record our EZ Pass information and we are billed for the tolls.

In what's become a long-term pattern, more people are using EZ Pass than ever before. The number grows every year.

For those who don't use EZ Pass devices in the vehicle, there will be special cameras mounted on the trusses that will photograph your license plate and mail you a bill.

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Authorities were quick to state the obvious. Toll booths slow down traffic, and the EZ Pass express lanes that have popped up on our highways, allow a steady flow of traffic.

The plan is to eliminate the remaining toll collectors, resulting in savings for the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

What are the plans for the savings on those salaries?  They'll be used to negate the costs of processing and mailing those bills to the non-EZ Pass drivers (you didn't think they'd pass the saving on to us, did you?).

This project is expected to be completed by 2026.

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