I have confirmed that Matt Doherty has just been fired by the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Doherty was the executive director for only a short while.

Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt has spoken directly with Doherty, who confirmed his termination.

About the firing, Tibbitt told us … “This is exactly what happens when you hire the right person (Doherty) and he starts asking all of the right questions,” said Tibbitt.

Doherty rightfully began asking questions about more than $ 400,000 that the Atlantic City Housing Authority spent on consultants for work that should have been done by existing staff on the current payrolls.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority is a disgraceful public agency, with a record of abject failure.

Doherty on the other hand is an elegant, experienced professional with a great track record as a successful Mayor and accomplished former Executive Director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Something to keep an eye on … New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has complete veto authority over all decisions made by the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

I have spoken directly with Doherty who said, “The action taken by the board in a special meeting to terminate me is clearly retribution because I publicly exposed the financial wrongdoings of the authority and its negative impact on the residents it is supposed to serve. HUD should take over the authority at this point,” said Doherty.

I strongly agree with Doherty.

Should Doherty’s termination stand, several Atlantic City sources have privately told me they believe that Doherty would have a legitimate whistle blower case against the City of Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Multiple Atlantic City Hall sources have advised that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small supports the decision to fire Doherty … however, they believe that Small will publicly pretend that he didn’t know about Doherty’s during in advance.

Knowing how Small operates, it’s inconceivable that he didn’t know in advance and he likely led the move to oust Doherty.

This is a developing breaking news story, and I will update this report later as more information becomes available.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt.

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