The failed and embattled Atlantic City, New Jersey Housing Authority has now resorted to lying about United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority falsely claimed that they tried and failed to schedule a meeting with Van Drew for assistance with Section 8 housing vouchers.

It never happened.

By contrast to this false claim, Van Drew personally visited the Stanley Holmes Village Apartments on March 15, 2024.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority did not take this golden opportunity to meet with Van Drew, while he was actually in Atlantic City visiting one of the public housing complexes and meeting with underserved residents.

Van Drew has been the single, driving force for good to try and improve the lives of Atlantic City public housing residents.

By contrast, the Atlantic City Housing Authority has failed its residents for years. They have allowed Atlantic City residents to live without heat, hot water … in rodent and bug infested conditions.

It is unconscionable that the Atlantic City Housing Authority is falsely telling the public that they have tried to meet with Van Drew … and, blaming him for not meeting with them.

We caught-up with Congressman Van Drew, who told us:

"Last night's Authority meeting clearly showcased their eagerness to shift the blame and evade responsibility," said Van Drew. "The Chair's claim of seeking a meeting with us, yet failing to secure one, is a blatant lie. While they have utterly failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety and health standards of their residents, with residents still living with mold and leaky pipes, they continue to make excuses for their incompetence. They prioritize self-preservation over the well-being of the residents and continue to shift blame instead of finding solutions."

Despite that the Atlantic City Housing Authority’s lies about Van Drew … “Our office remains ready and willing to engage in meaningful discussion with the Authority to assist the residents in any way we can. At this moment in time, we cannot discuss any ongoing investigations into their actions or inactions. They are welcome to email, call, or mail our office with any request to schedule a meeting,” said Van Drew.

The fact that the Atlantic City Housing Authority Board thought that could get away with blatantly lying and that Congressman Van Drew would not call them out is preposterous.

SOURCES: United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew & Atlantic City Housing Authority Board meeting comments.

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