Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has given the last African-American-owned business - located in Gardner’s Basin - until tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, to vacate their long-standing location.

John Devlin confirmed the news of tomorrow’s edict, for Fish Heads Seafood to remove their food truck/restaurant from its site for the past 6 years.

Wood and Fish Heads has been open in Atlantic City for the past 25 years.

This past Friday, April 29, 2022, a diverse crowd turned out to protest Small’s stance against Gregory “Dredgie” Wood and Fish Heads Seafood Restaurant.

Small was the subject of intense criticism at this past Friday’s protest at Fish Heads.

If you missed our coverage, here it is:

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New Jersey Assemblyman Don Guardian was very blunt in his assessment of the current situation.

“Dredgie has been a creative community leader and has operated the best fish sandwich truck at Gardners Basin for the past seven years,” said Guardian.

“Who would we be throwing out the only African-American-owned business in the Basin after 7 years? Since the state took over the Basin 5 years ago they have shut down the aquarium, closed the marina, and now throwing out Fish Heads. How is there no issue with The Flying Cloud for 25 years?” said Guardian.

“I was amazed to see the solidarity from every neighborhood in Atlantic City coming together for one common purpose to support a good man with a great business who is being unlawfully targeted by the mayor and his cronies for the mere purpose or retaliation,” said Devlin.

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Long-time Atlantic City activist, former Atlantic City a deputy solicitor, and former Atlantic City Democratic Chairman Tom Forkin said:

“Despite the sadness of seeing political retaliation exercised against my friend of 30 years, Greg Wood (Dredgie); it was heartwarming to see dozens from the community (including Assemblyman Giardia ) come out and support a local small business. An elected official's job is to HELP small businesses not close them,” said Forkin.

“Using the DEP and State as an excuse to close Fishheads is baseless. As laws and ordinances can be amended. Now Fishheads joins the 6 other shuttered businesses and vacant buildings in Gardner’s Basin, another epic FAIL by Small, Murphy, and the State Democrats,” concluded Forkin.

With both the inaction of Small and the widespread belief that Small is politically retaliating against Wood and Fish Heads we have also learned that a number of influential people have been reaching out to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in an attempt to save Fish Heads from ruination.

Stay tuned, as the clock is ticking towards tomorrow’s May 3, 2022 date with potential eviction.

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