Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is hitting his Democratic primary election opponent Tom Foley hard for his vocal and visible support of former United States President Donald Trump.

Today, Small released a blistering public statement and a series of photos, flags, hats and other Trump collateral materials to buttress his case against Foley’s Democratic bonafides.

Here is Small’s public comments in their entirety as follows:

Atlantic City, NJ (March 8, 2021)- Mayor Marty Small Sr. exposed Democrat Challenger Tom Foley as a Trump Supporter who is seeking support from The Atlantic City Democratic Committee Tonight.

The Irony of this guy power walking on the Atlantic City Boardwalk with a MAGA hat, a MAGA Flag on his home, Jeff Van Drew Lawn Signs on his lawn, personal Christmas Cards & Autographed MAGA hats from Donald Trump all while attending Trump Rally’s like the insurrection on January 6th, and now he wants to run for Mayor as a Democrat is laughable” said Small.

I guess its par for the course because the same Atlantic City Democratic Committee members openly supported Donald Trump & Jeff Van Drew, during The Presidential Election.” Small Continued, “Their Vote Tonight is meaningless, my team and I are already The Official Endorsed Democratic Slate for Atlantic City Mayor and Council At-Large by The Atlantic County Democratic Committee, which has final say on who gets the party nomination.”

As Mayor of The Great City of Atlantic City, I am responsible for the Health, Safety & Welfare of Atlantic City Residents. Tearing down Trump Plaza was a Public Health & Safety priority for my administration; However, Tom Foley defended Donald Trump again by saying the City of Atlantic City lost 3 Million Dollars in taxes for the tear down.

This is another example of his man crush for Donald Trump, Foley is out of his league, to claim that we lost 3 million in taxes, shows he is not informed or prepared.”

With the former Trump Plaza tower accessed at $50,000 The City of Atlantic City lost $1,967 in tax revenue but almost doubled that amount, with a $3,620 profit collected from parked cars at the pull-up & watch implosion event at Bader Field. Men, Women, Political Opportunist like Foley lies, but the numbers don’t.”

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