In 2022, The New York State Legislature approved for as many as three casinos to be built in New York City.

This is the most serious threat to the Atlantic City, New Jersey casino gaming jurisdiction since the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved casino gaming and than expanded it to table games in July, 2010.

Pennsylvania took away a substantial number of convenience gamblers, who used to regularly make the trip to Atlantic City.

Before New York City casinos come online, the City of Atlantic City must get its act together.

For example, imagine if a vertical casino is developed at 1515 Broadway, an opulent skyscraper that would position itself right near the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop?

Caesar’s Entertainment is looking at this potential project with a large owner of New York City office buildings.

Coney Island in Brooklyn  may even try to get in on the act.

New York State began online sports betting in 2022, however, they fumbled it with online casinos, which will now have to wait until 2024, which works to Atlantic City’s benefit.

The New York State Constitution was amended back in 2013 to permit seven casinos in the state… Including three in New York City.

Atlantic City is fortunate that New York City and New York State has moved much slower than many thought that they would.

The New York State Constitution was amended back in 2013 to permit seven casinos in the state… Including three casinos  in New York City.

Four casinos have been developed, however, the New York City casinos have not yet materialized.

The evaluation and site process has has dragged on, giving the City of Atlantic City additional time to get its act together.

The Atlantic City casino industry has a great group of quality leaders. They’re going a great job.

The problem is at the City of Atlantic City level, which suffers from very poor leadership at City Hall.

The priorities of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small just don’t line-up with the critical issues that the City is facing at the present time.

New York City casinos are coming.

The City of Atlantic City has another 18 months to 2 years to get it right. The clock is running. The Clarion call has been made and there is no time left to waste.

The time is now for Atlantic City Hall to demonstrate a sense of urgency.

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