Floyd Tally is a long-time, faithful political supporter of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Tally is the Director of Anti-Violence for the City of Atlantic City. Small paved the way for Tally’s hire for this position.

Atlantic City Hall sources have confirmed that Tally is currently serving an employee suspension. The suspension is said to be for two weeks, although another well placed Atlantic City source said to us that it may be an indefinite suspension.

Tally had recently taken to social media and let his feelings be known publicly about his current situation. The social media posts have been removed, but, we have copies of some of his previously publicly posted content.

Tally doesn’t mention Small by name, but, there is little doubt that he is directly referring to Small for displaying disloyalty towards him.

Tally said:

”You don’t have to fire me, I’ll resign. Say you don’t need my services anymore. Say you don’t like what I said on there (on social media). I will be one and done. Let me land on my feet these months until the end of the year and then find me a job somewhere else.”

Tally also talks about, “people change,” another thinly disguised reference to Small, who many have said has changed for the worst since winning a full four-year term as Mayor of Atlantic City.

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Tally continues: “All that I did. All that I have done to get us here.”

Tally is blunt in the video recording, saying “I can never be whore for nobody and I will never be a whore for nobody,” said Tally.

It’s a personnel matter, as such the various city officials that we spoken with have been hesitant to comment at length. But, they have confirmed that the Tally suspension is as a result of his recent social media rant.

“I just don’t want to be part of it,” said Tally.

Former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway said the following about Tally:

“He (Tally) did not get the state and local employment death penalty, but, Marty knows, as well as the state knows that Floyd's status is unofficially non-hirable in any state or local entity,” said Callaway.

“I have no position on this, however, he (Tally) should have been very quiet, as quiet as a whore in Church,” said Callaway.

“Marty could not help himself with his attack on my family and me on the passing of Gene Robinson. He knew and knows the role Floyd Tally played in this unfortunate and not so thought out scheme that I regret for many reasons,” said Callaway.

SOURCES: Floyd Tally social media video, Craig Callaway and Atlantic City Hall sources.

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