While it is very sad that Atlantic City, New Jersey itself remains what is known as a “food desert” (meaning no major supermarket within the city) … a comprehensive supermarket that opened in Atlantic City in 1929 is still thriving today.

I lost my Mother at a very young age … but, I vividly remember how much she loved Casel’s Supermarket, especially the bakery and their epic lemon meringue pie.

The meringue was piled high in an artistic, perfect shape and slightly toasted. I can almost taste it now.

The store is now known as Casel’s Marketplace and it’s been located for decades in Margate, New Jersey.

Abe and Herman Casel opened it as a small store in Atlantic City in 1929.

It has always been run with a great family tradition at its heart.

In 1982, Howard, Randi, Rachel and Adam Seiden purchased Casel’s from Abe and Herman and have owned cabs operated it for more than 40 years.

If Casel’s Marketplace appears to have it all … it’s because they do.

They have prepared means, a voluminous deli section  and incredible bakery.

You know that this operation is doing something right by the number of long-time staff, many with more than 30 years of service.

Customers love to return to a place where the staff knows you and you are able to forge relationships that have lasted a lifetime.

When the butcher knows how you like your deli meats sliced without even having to ask. Things like that make the customer/establishment relationship a special one.

I went to social media to read comments from real people about Casel’s Marketplace.

This one on the “I GREW UP OR LIVED IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ caught my eye.

It was written by Allan Louis Segal and it’s indicative of a family-owned culture that he directly experienced in the past.

”Back when I lived in Ventnor I shopped there weekly. One time I was going through the check-out line when I noticed that I had forgotten my wallet. I went to the very accessible store manager and if he would hold my items while I drove home to get it.”

“But he told me no. Instead, he told me that he had seen me in that store many times and that I could pay on my next visit there the following week. And of course, I did pay up on my next shopping trip. BTW, that bill was close to $90. Now, I ask you, how many business people would do that these days?”

This kind of scenario is only possible within a family-owned philosophy.

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