Soon-to-be formerly non-union parking attendant employees at Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey officially voted to have The Teamsters Union represent them.

Absent some unforeseen development, this employee classification … that has been non-union for the entire history of the Atlantic City hotel casino industry … will become a union position at Ocean Resort.

I did not learn about this issue until January 12, 2024, when a gentle lady called-in to our program and appeared live on-the-air and announced that this election would be taking place this same date.

Many in the Atlantic Citycasino industry didn’t know that this vote was happening.

I still don’t know who the woman caller was, but, she was very calm throughout our public discussion and appeared very knowledgeable about the situation.

I asked her if the vote to go Union and join The Teamster’s was going to pass. She didn’t hesitate and said, yes.

I asked her what did she project the vote total would he?

She said, 40-5. The actual vote total that was shared with me on 1/12/24 was 35-10.

She was within 5 votes of calling it exactly right, before the first vote was cast.

I talked with the woman about this job classification being a non-union position in Atlantic City for the past 46 years and why did they what to join a union now?

She said that they were not being treated fairly and had their tips suddenly being pulled together … instead of keeping what you make individually.

She also said that their office was “moved into a closet, without proper ventilation.”

I also learned during her live on-air phone call that Borgata casino valet parking attendants are also having the same election to consider joining The Teamsters Union.

When this happens once … it tends to happen, again.

Time will tell.

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