The issue of whether or not there should be subscription based television was debated in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1955.

The Press of Atlantic City had a great feature back then called, “The Curious Cameraman Asks … and, then they posed a topical question for the public to answer,

On the question of “Should We Have Subscription Television?” … six people made their way into print.

Here they are as they appeared in a 1955 edition of The Atlantic City Press.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

Unlike the question that we reviewed recently from 1957, whether Pacific Avenue should be widened?

On this question, all but one agreed that Pacific Avenue should be widened.

However, on the question about whether or not there should be subscription … in other words, paid television … it was a real split decision amongst the six respondents.

It was split right down the middle 3 to 3 in terms of being for or against paying more for television programming.

You can read what each of the six respondents had to say above.

When you look at all of the subscription television and internet streaming that is available today … you can easily see which philosophy has won out over the past 68 years.

There are countless television subscriptions available for purchase today.

The amount of digital content available today is staggering in terms of the massive quantity that is readily available at our fingertips.

From basic cable, premium channels, internet streaming … there is so much to choose from, that many people are choosing to unplug and are leaving the basic television cable services … in favor of what’s called “cutting the cord.”

Younger generations in particular (don’t purchase basic cable services) and instead watch everything from their various digital devices and can use “mirror” technology and easy-to-connect cables to put any digital content (from their small digital devices) on to their big screen televisions.

Many don’t even have a television set and choose to watch things on their desk top computers, laptops, IPads, or, smart phones.

Amazing how in Atlantic City and everywhere else … the more things change … the more they stay the same.

We can debate this same exact question (about paid television) now that was first debated in 1955.

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