It is beyond debate.

Stockton University has been a great friend to the City of Atlantic City.

Stockton has dramatically improved Atlantic City’s damaged image during the Mayor Marty Small years.

With the multi-phase Atlantic City campus, Stockton University is fast turning Atlantic City into a college town.

The benefits of this are many. Property values have and will increase. Safety in the neighborhood has improved.

It’s simply great for Atlantic City’s résumé.

Young lives and robust activity in the neighborhood is such a positive, great thing.

Stockton University has been a very good neighbor in countless ways.

Stockton University has had a national caliber rowing program.

It was beyond comprehension when Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small unceremoniously booted Stockton University out of the Atlantic City Boathouse.

Many have said that Small considers the multi-million dollar boathouse to be his “private clubhouse.”

Almost no events whatsoever were scheduled at the Atlantic City Boathouse when Small kicked Stockton University out.

I spent weeks trying to get a copy of the scheduled Atlantic City Boathouse events.

I am convinced it took so long because there were almost no school events scheduled and they had to rush something together.

When I finally obtained a copy, here is what it looked like. FYI, This was the 4-month schedule at the time (March-June, 2022). Four of the scheduled events were for an outside organization.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Yet, Stockton University was kicked out?

This is despite the fact that both Marty and La’Quetta Small are both graduates of Stockton University.

You would never know this based upon how they have mistreated Stockton University.

Fortunately, Mayor Vince Sera, The Brigantine Rowing Club and the City of Brigantine stepped right in and Stockton’s 2022-2023 row seasons were saved.

John Bancheri was the successful head women’s rowing coach at the time. He was very complimentary regarding the “incredibly warm welcome by Mayor Vince Sera, former Mayor Guenther, and Kay Papandrew of the Brigantine Rowing Club," said Bancheri.

"They immediately provided us with space and were thrilled to have us back, as we rowed out of the Brigantine Boathouse for years. That boathouse has erg machines, weight room, locker rooms, etc., and we could not be more appreciative of their hospitality," said Bancheri at the time.

Marty Small struck hard again … against Stockton University and almost ruined this season’s men’s hockey season … for failure to approve the Atlantic City Skate Zone ice rink contract with Stockton University.

I wrote a definitive editorial, criticizing and imploring Small to sign the agreement.

With one day to spare, Stockton’s ice hockey season was saved.

The men’s ice hockey team was off and running to a 5-2 record … beating some real quality teams along the way.

However, the small-minded Small struck, again. For no good reason, the Atlantic City Skate Zone banned Stockton University’s head coach Alan Rhoads from the Atlantic City Skate Zone premises.

Small’s actions basically succeeded in firing the Stockton head coach … which Stockton University went on to do.

How could they retain a head coach who was not permitted to attend practices of home games?

The Stockton University men’s ice hockey team is 2-5 since head coach Rhoads was fired.

Small has ruined their once promising season.

Stockton University was also a great steward of the iconic Carnegie Library.

Carnegie Library - Google Maps.
Carnegie Library - Google Maps.

They have since returned ownership of this grand structure to the City of Atlantic City. During the time that Stockton was in charge of the Carnegie Library, they kept both the interior and exterior in pristine condition.

Below, is a link to our previous coverage.

Read More: Stockton Turning Ownership Of Carnegie Library To Atlantic City

Stockton University has made a more than $ 260 million investment in Atlantic City with their Atlantic City campus.

Stockton University had been a great working partner. They took excellent care of the Atlantic City Boathouse … they made the numerous improvements, donated equipment to the Atlantic City Public Schools, donated boats ($10,000 plus a piece), ergometers, providing elite training, and much more.

Who would treat such a wonderful working partner like this?

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