With the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in Atlantic City. New Jersey today (for 3 days) … the local housing authority has fired their Qualified Purchasing Agent.

Robert Campbell was the Qualified Purchasing Agent at about $ 100,000 per-year, before his termination that abruptly took place earlier today.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority did not allow Campbell to do his job. Instead, they paid an outside contractor named Jerry Volpe $ 400,000 per-year to do the job that Campbell was qualified to do.

We have learned that Campbell had previously filed a hostile work environment complaint against Volpe.

An earlier agreed upon resolution to Campbell’s complaint required that Campbell not have contact with Volpe.

Well placed sources at the Atlantic City Housing Authority confirmed that the new Executive Director Tom Sahlin had required Campbell to once again have direct contact with Volpe.

Sahlin fired Campbell today, in the presence of his administrative assistant.

No human resource person, nor labor attorney was present for the Campbell termination.

We have confirmed that reason given to Campbell for his termination was for alleged insubordination.

Campbell had previously pointed out that Volpe was failing to perform up to the requirements of his contract with the authority.

Our reliable sources believe that Campbell was fired so that the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development would not be able to speak with Campbell while they are visiting Atlantic City this week.

HUD is in Atlantic City because of the gross mismanagement by the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

We have also confirmed that Campbell will be pursuing litigation against the Atlantic City Housing Authority for wrongful termination.

Campbell’s case appears very strong in that no progressive discipline was followed before today’s sudden termination.

Former Atlantic City Housing Authority Executive Director Matt Doherty is also pursuing litigation for his termination.

Doherty was previously terminated without cause.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority is out of control at the present time.

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