It takes an Atlantic City, New Jersey Police Officer nearly 20 years to reach top pay.

That is disgraceful. There was a time in the past when an Atlantic City Police Officer was eligible for top pay after just 3 years of public service.

It could be said that this was arguably too soon. Then, it was changed to a 7 year path to top pay.

Now, it takes almost the entire officer’s career to reach top pay.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has made his ex-offenders employment program a top priority.

Let me stipulate, that I am a firm believer in second chances in the rough and tumble game of life.

However, Small has been paying ex-offenders $ 75,000 per-year in some cases.

Small has been hiring contractors, who would not otherwise be able to be employed by the City of Atlantic City.

A Small ex-offender hire at $ 75,000 makes more than an Atlantic City Police Officer who has been on the force for 8 years.

Atlantic City Police Officers now have to stand next to person(s) that they may have arrested … who now earn more money than they do.

That is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

The job of Atlantic City Police Officer has never been more difficult, or, more dangerous.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small poses regularly at press conferences and elsewhere with ex-offenders, who are being paid more than police officers.

Many times, police officers are on hand and this inequity does not go by unnoticed by them.

In Marty Small’s Atlantic City, does crime pay?

Small’s priorities have been regularly challenged. Many believe that the exorbitant dollars being allocated for hiring ex-offenders would be better applied to procuring more sworn police officers.

With 4 murders during the first 7 days of 2024, even Small finally admitted late and wrong that Atlantic City needs more help.

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