Even by unrealistic and excessive Atlantic City standards, this one is difficult to comprehend.

The Atlantic City Board of Education held a Special Meeting on March 11, 2023.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce and approve next year’s Atlantic City Public School’s budget.

FYI, this year’s budget is $ 237 million.

Next year’s budget proposal calls for an increase in the Atlantic City Public Schools Total Budget Proposal to $ 287,746,917.

This represents an incomprehensible increase of $ 50 million year over year. It’s absurd and indefensible

Here is this obscene item as it appears on the Atlantic City Board of Education special meeting agenda:

Harry Hurley, TSM
Harry Hurley, TSM

We reached out to John Devlin, who has been a member of the Atlantic City Board of Education for more than 20 years.

Devlin is the Dean of the Atlantic City Board of Education and he’s never been afraid to criticize his direct subordinate, Superintendent La’Quetta Small or his fellow Board Members when it’s appropriate and in the interest of the public.

Devlin exclusively revealed to us the actual scheme that Small used to adopt this bloated budget.

“It was also a special meeting-with almost zero preparation time, and the agenda wasn't even given until the day of the meeting. Not all board members could make it,” said Devlin.

You would think that adequate notice and proper planning by the administration and board members would take place.

It did not happen in this case.

"These are some historical large numbers, this budget is larger than most municipalities including Atlantic City. I hope the administration does the right thing and settles the teachers contract immediately! Let us not forget that teachers are the back bone of this district,” said Devlin.

"I've never seen a larger budget, I hope and pray that this administration does the right thing for the children, staff and taxpayers,” said Devlin.

"Atlantic City has a bad habit of throwing money at our problems, we need to reevaluate our issues and figure out real solutions rather than thrown good money at them and hope they go away,” said Devlin.

"The best thing we should do is roll up our sleeves and eliminate any unnecessary spending. If we have this kind of capital why can't we look into a tax break for residents of Atlantic City?” said Devlin.

The Atlantic City Board of Education has now approved this massive educational budget.

If it is approved by the Atlantic County superintendent of public schools (who is the spouse of Mayor Marty Small aide Ernest Coursey), and the state of New Jersey … the Atlantic City Public Schools budget will dwarf the entire county of Atlantic budget.

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