Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Gardner’s Basin marina area is an exquisite waterfront location.

The views are breathtaking. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful parts of Atlantic City.

My wife Margie and I love this section of Atlantic City and recently enjoyed a fabulous lunch there.

I have written a lot about Gardner’s Basin and the poor job being done here by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

It’s just not a priority for Small, who has shown himself to be very selective … only supporting people, places and things that he personally likes about Atlantic City.

Two days ago, a listener - reader of ours, Jeff Crane reached out to share his thoughts, along with the recent photos that he took that show disrepair at historic Gardner’s Basin.

Jeff Crane wrote:

This is a Garners Basin yesterday. It's a disgrace how they are letting this place go down.

The photos below demonstrate Crane’s comments:

Jeff Crane photo.
Jeff Crane photo.
Jeff Crane photo.
Jeff Crane photo.
Jeff Crane photo.
Jeff Crane photo.

Mayor Small has been largely absent and has failed to his job at Gardner’s Basin.

He served-up letters late and wrong which delayed local businesses from opening for the previous summer season.

Last year, Small politically retaliated against Dredgie Wood and needlessly closed his long-standing Fish Heads Restaurant.

Small did this mean spirited act despite Senator Vince Polistina and the state of New Jersey clearing the way for Fish Heads Restaurant to stay open.

Fish Heads was a popular, African-American owned local business.

Small chose dirty, personal politics over doing the right thing.

Gardner’s Basin is a great place for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Under Marty Small, look how many great things are gone from Gardner’s Basin:

Atlantic City's wonderful Gardner's Basin used to have a significant number of vibrant businesses.

  • The Flying Cloud
  • Jersey Devil Surf Shop
  • Fish Heads Seafood Restaurant
  • Art Gallery
  • A number of small "pop-up" shops.
  • Gift Shop
  • Ice Cream Parlor

And, of course, The Atlantic City Aquarium. Will the Aquarium ever reopen?

The only outlets left as of today are:

  • Back Bay Ale House
  • Gilchrist at Gardner's Basin

Captain Jeff George’s Crusin1 boat tours remains and is an awesome activity … along with Atlantic City Parasailing and the cruises for Dolphin Watching.


It’s time for Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small to pay the proper amount of time and attention to Gardner’s Basin.

Small must not let it decline any further.

It’s one of Atlantic City’s jewels in the crown.

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