On October 14, 1981, a high-speed car chase and fierce gun battle in Atlantic City, New Jersey took the life of a young, heroic police officer.

I remember this day very well. I was 21 years old and employed as a junior executive at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino - which was located very near this deadly shootout.

Peter Francis Egnor was also just 21 years old on this day, 42 years ago tomorrow at the time of his brave, line of duty death.

This all started when a prostitute told Atlantic City Police Officers about a man who had robbed her the prior week when he was in town.

The armed robbery suspect who Killed Egnor was Thomas Warren Kerr, of Chicago, Illinois.

Atlantic City Police Officers attempted to stop Kerr, who then turned the encounter into a high-speed car chase throughout Atlantic City.

During the high-speed chase, the suspect fired multiple weapons, where he hit 3 Atlantic City Police cars and he killed Officer Egnor.

The high-speed car chase ended with the suspect crashing his car. Kerr was also killed in the gunfire exchange.

Egnor had been an Atlantic City Police Officer for only 18 months at the time of his tragic death.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

My identical twin brother Don Hurley was in the same Atlantic County police training class as Egnor and knew him well. I asked Don to share his thoughts about Egnor:

Peter Egnor was a courageous young police officer, who died in a gun battle with a dangerous career criminal 42 years ago. His aggressive action saved the lives of his fellow police officers and countless civilians from the violent actions of this criminal. Pete was the best of those the Atlantic City Police Department has ever had to offer. As Jesus said at The Sermon On The Mount: 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Here’s a rare photo of Egnor’s graduating class, taken by Billy Burke.

Billy Burke photo.
Billy Burke photo.

Thanks to Don Hurley, I can tell you the name of every Police Officer in the Egnor graduating class. They are from various police departments from all over Atlantic County as follows:

First Row left to right

John Dollard Joe DiBianca Ed Bannister Jim McGettigan Dan Ravese George Wilson Bryant Jones Mike McMenamin.

2nd Row Ieft to right

Elton Rascoe Bob Medley Fran Calabrese Charles Stern Roger Ulland John Fallon Bill McMenamin Pete Egnor Don Hurley Steve Bonanni.

Top Row left to right

Dennis McGee Bill Burke Jim Hipple Bill Curtis Sam Thomas Doug Roberts Kirk Sutton Denny Fox.

I’ve known about this class photo for decades and I believe this is the first time ever, that every name has been identified.

We also talked with retired Atlantic City Detective (retired) Don Tomasello, who told us:

”In case you may make note:

On Saturday, 10/14/23 at 0800, Officers of The ACPD will gather on the Peter F. Egnor Bridge for a brief Ceremony. This is in honor and Remembrance of ACPD Officer Peter Egnor, who was killed 10/14/81 in a gun battle with an armed and dangerous suspect. Officer Egnor was just 21 years of age.”

“The ACPD PBA Local 24 will be represented and supply a memorial wreath to be temporarily affixed to The Bridge.

Thanks Harry, Don Tomasello

ACPD RetIred.”

The Albany Avenue Bridge was deservedly renamed The Peter Francis Egnor Memorial Bridge in his honor on October 14, 2006.

Peter Francis Egnor will be forever young.

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