The speed at which the Atlantic Shores offshore wind project has been proceeding has been breathtaking to behold.

I have never witness a project of any scope receive such unconditional government support at all levels … especially one of this size, with such a potential negative environmental impact.

Multiple Atlantic City Council sources have advised that a public hearing will be taking place at the Atlantic City Council Chambers on Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

The purpose of this public hearing is to discuss variances that Atlantic Shores is seeking to bury cable throughout parts of Atlantic City.

To date, everything that this developer wants … they get. Many believe (myself included) that the entire game is rigged.

For example, when Ocean City voted down part of the project … the state of New Jersey swooped down in record time and overturned Ocean City’s decision and simply took away their power of home rule.

There is no reason to believe that the upcoming Atlantic City public hearing will be any different.

No matter how much opposition has mounted against the offshore win project … government at the state and federal levels simply ignores the opposition and approves every single thing that the developer asks for.

So many marine mammals have washed up dead over the past year. Nothing has been allowed to get in the way of this project.

Noah Hurley Baker drawing.
Noah Hurley Baker drawing.

Well placed Atlantic City sources have confirmed these are the various approvals, diversions and variances that Atlantic Shores is looking to achieve:

  • Use of nearly 2 acres of the Atlantic City beach, located between South Texas and Iowa Avenues.
  • Use a part of Bader Field and use of a city park for the installation of underground transmission lines.
  • Use a portion of Albany Avenue, near Bader Field.
  • Use a portion of Fairmount and Sovereign Avenues, near the Chelsea Little League Field.
  • The project is also expected to impact more than 10 acres of Bader Field for an undetermined period of time.

Our well placed sources have advised that the only reason that there will be a public hearing is because it is required by state law … in order to receive approval for all of the diversion/exceptions that Atlantic Shores is seeking.

This project claims that it will produce 1,510 megawatts of electricity … which they say will provide electrical power to 700,000 homes.

If it is realized, the behemoth offshore wind energy project will be located 10 to 20 miles off of the coast of Atlantic City to Barnegat.

SOURCES: Members of Atlantic City Council.

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