The incredible photo above from Kenneth McIntyre, depicts the old Trolley Barn in the Inlet section (Maine Avenue Inlet Terminal) of Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1952.

This site became the home of the legendary Garwood Mills Department Store at Maine and Caspian Avenues.

Garwood Mills is the source of so many fond memories for those who lived in the Atlantic City area during its hey days.

Some, (not I ever) routinely used to refer to Garwood Mills as “Garbage Mills.”

It was a disparaging and unfair description of a store that so many area residents frequented for so many needs and wants for themselves and their families.

I never liked that unkind nick name. I never found it to be funny or even remotely accurate description for Garwood Mills.

Look at this fun, Kenneth McIntyre photo from 1957 to give you a good idea of the many diverse items that were regularly available:

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

Garwood Mills seemed to have it all and look at those year 1957 prices.

Garwood Mills even did discount dry cleaning, laundry and shoe repair.

If you bring-up Garwood Mills on the I Grew Up Or Lived In Atlantic City NJ Facebook Page, hundreds of comments will always immediately follow.

This level of interest only occurs for things that we hold dear.

Garwood Mills holds that kind of place in many hearts.

Garwood Mills billed itself as a “Discount Shopping Center, located at the end of the bus line.”

As always, it is my hope that you have enjoyed our walk together down Atlantic City Memory Lane.

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