In our previous coverage, we provided updates about the balconies at The Ocean Club Condominiums in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Owners and residents are currently not allowed to use their balconies as a structural study and required repairs are completed as warranted.

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TSM Harry Hurley
TSM Harry Hurley
TSM Harry Hurley
TSM Harry Hurley

We have now had the opportunity to review information related to the current condition of the Ocean Club Condominiums parking garage. We received a copy of an 18-page structural engineering report from a source that shall remain anonymous.

The report was prepared by O&S Associates Engineers and Architects, of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, initially issued on March 26, 2021 and updated on May 14, 2021.

To the credit of the Ocean Club Condominiums, their proactive work predates the tragic Surfside, Florida Condominium collapse, which took place on June 24, 2021. Before this tragic collapse, everything relative to engineering/structural studies seemed routine. But it all takes on a new meaning now with the incalculable loss of life that took place in Surfside, Florida.

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This article is not intended to represent an overall safety condition, or, a complete assessment of The Ocean Club Condominiums, nor is it intended to cause alarm or panic.
This is merely an update of conditions as they are believed to exist at this time with regard to a summary of assessment findings, the repair recommendations which are reported, as well as additional opinions of the probable construction costs to address these concerns.

TSM Harry Hurley
TSM Harry Hurley

The garage of The Ocean Club consists of 3 parking levels for residents and visitors.

TSM Harry Hurley
TSM Harry Hurley

According to the report, “The parking levels of the garage are constructed of two-way, flat plate post-tensioned concrete slabs…[which] is a type of construction that utilizes field placed concrete and high strength steel cables.”

This method is considered to be more durable with proper maintenance.

The report assessed that the garage is in fair condition with, “localized poor conditions” that need repairs within the next year. The exposed concrete seems to be in good condition with “localized areas where repairs are required.”

The structure is reinforced with post-tensioned tendons which exist under a tremendous amount of tension. If the tendons become compromised, they can break with an explosive force. The embedded tendons of this garage are reported to be at risk, as multiple broken tendons have been identified and several locations of concrete deterioration or cracking have been identified.

The garage’s water management system has failed, with moisture sitting in various areas moving into, “failed expansion seals.” This has contributed to some of the cracking issues.
Most of the cracking was minor in most locations. However, “Larger (1/16”) cracks were however observed, which are uncommon for a post-tensioned concrete slab.”

It’s been 279 days since the May 14, 2021 parking garage assessment report update. We have no information if anything has been addressed during this time frame.
The recommendations include a high-priority repair program to occur in the next 2-3 years, as well as a medium-priority repair program to be carried out in the next 4-5 years.
Most of the issues were visually identified.

O&S concluded that the problems in the concrete slab were caused by moisture chloride seeping through from the cars on high levels. The use of deicing chemicals may have also sped up the process of the concrete degradation.

The cost is estimated to be approximately $528 thousand for critical repairs, $3 million for high priority, and $4 million for medium priority issues.

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The report’s suggested program includes, “…structural garage repairs and replacement of water management components to arrest continued deterioration of the concrete structure.”
We want to stress again that this report is not intended to cause alarm or panic. It is important though to relate upon the current day conditions of this property, wherein hundreds of people reside and countless other people visit and do business inside daily.

We’ll provide further updates about this as we learn more about expert observations, findings, and repair recommendations.
We have reached out to O&S Associates Engineers and Architects and Ocean Club Condominiums for comment.

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