Atlantic City Police Department sources have confirmed that the following incident took place yesterday.

Excellent surveillance work by Atlantic City Police Detective Alberto Valles is directly responsible for taking a loaded gun off of the streets of Atlantic City.

Valles was located near North Carolina Avenue and Route 30, as he observed Daniel Tuitt, 23 cross through the intersection.

Valles observed Tuitt remove a gun from his waistband and then put it back away out of sight.

Valles arrested Tuitt and upon examination determined that Tuitt’s gun was loaded with hollow-point ammunition placed in a large-capacity magazine, according to police sources.

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It is illegal for non law enforcement to be in possession of hallow-point bullets.

The design of a hallow-point bullet allows it to deliver devastating damage to the human body versus regular ammunition.

Tuitt has been charged with:

  • unlawful possession of a weapon
  • possession of hollow-point ammunition
  • possession of a large-capacity magazine
  • A person not permitted to possess a weapon.

Tuitt has since been transported to the Atlantic County Jail.

Detective Valles’ work proves that there’s no substitute for proactive police engagement.

It serves notice how important it is to have police eyes on the ground at all times.

Further, it validates the need for more police protection in Atlantic City.

The state of New Jersey must act soon. They need to appoint James Sarkos to the rank of Chief of Police and they must add more police officers as soon as possible.

Sarkos, presently a Deputy Chief of Police has been serving as the interim “Officer in Charge.”

The state of New Jersey has total control of the City of Atlantic City.

COVID-19 is also presently decimating the ranks of public safety in Atlantic City … making the current staffing issue even more critical.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Police Department.

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