ADDENDUM: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
6:55 p.m.

We’ve learned more information.

4 positive COVID-19 cases

1 unknown - lost test 

1 symptomatic - waiting on results 

21 exposed 

26 members affected in total.

Ladder 2 is currently shut down and has been for hours. The Atlantic City Professional Firefighters are waiting to get that crew tested to tonight.

Fire prevention closed until Monday, as they wait on their results.


We have learned and confirmed that the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters are experiencing another COVID-19 outbreak.

Presently, there are two confirmed positive cases and roughly another 16 have been potentially exposed.

We have also confirmed that two of the 16 are showing symptoms as of this morning.

The Atlantic City Professional Firefighters are continuing their discussions with the state to resolve the previous litigation, regarding working conditions and COVID-19.

Things are moving slower than the union had hoped.


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