Atlantic City, New Jersey is the home of many great firsts in American history.

The first airport, the first boardwalk … just to name a few.

Did you know that Atlantic City is also home to the first municipality to have a paid professional lifeguard force in the United States of America.

It dates back to 1891, when the City of Atlantic City adopted an ordinance to formally create a “Beach Patrol" or "Constables of the Surf".

These terms were created in Atlantic City and now are used throughout America.

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The Atlantic City Beach Patrol has established a renowned and unequalled ocean safety record since its formation. The city of Atlantic City regularly experiences the largest number of ocean rescues and medical assistance calls in the State of New Jersey every summer season since its inception.

The Atlantic City Beach Patrol has established a track record of fiercely protecting lives on all guarded beaches. Photo. Photo.

We also want to take this opportunity to share the details of the upcoming Atlantic City Lifeguard 2024 Jr. Lifeguard Program. Photo Photo

Atlantic City continues to offer a free beach, despite the significant costs to maintain on a daily basis.

There are very few free beaches left anywhere in New Jersey or America.

It is highly recommended that when you visit the Atlantic City beach and intend to swim in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean … that you select one that is professionally guarded.

Rip tides and other potential dangers can strike with no advanced notice.

The Atlantic City professional lifeguards are a best practices example … their competence is at the highest level.

The Atlantic City Professional Lifeguards have protected and served the residents and visitors on the Atlantic City beaches for 133 years.

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