The troubles keep mounting at the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority.

As we reported earlier, Anthony Palombi, the ACMUA Water Plant Manager for Production has resigned.

Palombi’s high-level license will remain in effect and keep the ACMUA in compliance with New Jersey State DEP requirements through at least the end of this month.

Palombi has directly confirmed the following:

”There are no current T4 operators currently under the employ of the ACMUA. WRM (temp agency) has T4 operators (they run the distribution system as a private contractor ) BUT the current staff of the ACMUA no longer employs directly the 4 class operator,” said Palombi.

This was the extent that Palombi would publicly comment at the advice and counsel of his attorney.

Palombi possesses the highest license and certification level at the ACMUA. It’s called T4. It’s the highest license/certification level in the state of New Jersey in this field.

Losing Palombi from the ACMUA ranks is a very big deal.

The ACMUA is a T4 and W4 (Treatment and Distribution)  facility, so they must by state DEP law have a T4 & W4 license posted at their operations at all times.

Prior to Palombi’s resignation, Nick Mancuso had resigned his position at the ACMUA. Mancuso was a very valuable employee, who worked his way from the bottom of the ranks to become the ACMUA’s Acting Executive Director of Operations/Licensed Operator of Distribution.

This now means that the top 2 employees/licenses have both quit the ACMUA on the production and distribution sides of the business.

Let’s do a quick course on what production and distribution does:

Production is responsible for producing the water. They pump it, filter it and make it safe for public consumption.

Distribution does as it says. They are responsible for distributing the clean drinking water to municipalities and

They are responsible for the piping. They manage leaks and connections.

For example, when Bart Blatstein’s world-class indoor water park opens, the ACMUA will be responsible to handle all of their clean water needs.

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Mancuso possesses a T3 license and the state had granted temporary approval for Mancuso’s license to satisfy their licensing requirements at the ACMUA.

The NJDEP has the authority to allow a Utility to operate under a lesser license as they did in the case of Mancuso for an approved period of time.

They do this while allowing that particular employee the time to obtain their appropriate license, reminder, the ACMUA is T4/W4 system.

The NJDEP can fine (at its discretion) a facility up to $10,000 per day for failure to have the proper license posted at their water facilities.

The ACMUA has lost two key license holders this month.

A facility can contract with an outside company to acquire a temporary relationship to meet the state DEP requirements.

The ACMUA does so with an outside company named Water Resource Management, Inc.

We have learned that John Manganaro from Water Resource Management, (WRM) a temp agency, also withdrew his license from the ACMUA.

Atlantic City is a T4, W4 facility because of the number of residents (consumers) that use the water within its system. It's regulated by the current population service connections.

Additionally, Atlantic City is at a higher rated level because of the Hotels/Casinos and summer population due to Atlantic City being a tourist destination resort, where more than 20 million people visit annually.

Additional Board Members and ACMUA employees have reached out to us, who want to reveal still more issues and problems currently taking place at the ACMUA.

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