I don’t want to get into the disturbing politics of the Vote by Mail process.

This update is about the supreme challenge facing the Atlantic County Board of Elections regarding the November 3, 2020 General Election.

The recent Primary Election was a disaster. Approximately 40,000 Vote by Mail ballots were cast in Atlantic County.

To be blunt, the Atlantic County Board of Elections did a horrifically bad job.

Embarrassingly, they had only one ballot counting machine. They borrowed a second. It didn’t work.

The ballots didn’t properly fit the machine counter. So, the ballots jammed. Other ballots were turned into “over votes” when they actually folded in the machine.

The BOE needed more than two weeks to count the votes.

For centuries, we have known election winners on the same day (of the election) at all levels, including President.

Voters were disenfranchised in the recent past election. They received letters well after the election advising them that their vote didn’t count.

They sent ballots to dead people and to others who had long left a previous address.

We’re going from 1st World, to 3rd World elections.

Past is always prologue. This is a case study as to how bad the Vote by Mail process is going to be here in New Jersey and around the country.

Is The Atlantic County Board of Elections ready this time?

How could they be? They’re going to be receiving somewhere between 150,000 to 180,000 Vote by Mail ballots.

Yes, that’s 4 to 5 times more ballots.

In the Primary Election, the BOE turned down help. The National Guard and Superintendent of Elections (Maureen Bugdon) offered to help.

The BOE would not accept. Finally, they took help from Bugdon, when it became apparent that they could not complete the work in time without help.

It is very important that you keep an eye; a very close eye on the Atlantic County BOE.

A number of states are telegraphing that we may not know the election results for many weeks after Election Day.

This is completely unacceptable. The Vote by Mail process also creates the risk of vote harvesting, whereby people will round-up untold numbers of “unused ballots” and cast votes of their choosing on these ballots.

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2020 Election: NJ changing the way you vote

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