The Atlantic County Bar Association held their installation gathering for 2023-2024 officers and trustees on Thursday, May 25, 2023.

It is always a dignified event that is free from politics.

But, not this year.

Several members of the Atlantic County Bar Association have reached out to me with their concerns about a blatant partisan political act that took place at their annual installation gathering.

Joe Jacobs, a well known Atlantic City political potentate brought Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop to the event.

Jacobs is closely politically aligned with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, who has previously endorsed Fulop for Governor.

Small is a campaign fundraising chairman for Fulop.

Fulop was allowed to speak and delivered (what was described to me to be) a partisan political presentation according to several Atlantic County Bar Association members.

The members who spoke with me about it were not happy about an overtly political discussion taking place at their annual installation of officers and trustees.

Fulop is the leading candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of New Jersey.

Fulop is not a lawyer. His presence and partisan address were inappropriate for this dignified event according to those we have spoken with.


Atlantic County Bar Association photo via Facebook.
Atlantic County Bar Association photo via Facebook.

President: Melissa Rosenblum

President-Elect: Van L. McPherson, III

Vice President: Rick McKelvey

Treasurer: Julie Nugent

Secretary: Sarah Weinstock


Jennifer Barr

Colin Bell

Kasi Gillord

Sheila Hughes

Scott Sherwood

Marisa McGarvey

Robert Morello lacob Perskie

Kelli Prinz

Jessica Rodio-Segal

Marc Samuelson

Joanna Sykes-Saavedra

Adam Walcoff

Kenneth Warren

Daniel White

The Atlantic County Bar Association members that we have spoken with do not want to reveal their identities … However, they advised that many members did not like a political speech delivered at their installation gathering.

We have sent a follow-up text message to an Atlantic County Bar Association member who may be willing to go on the record with their concerns about the Fulop political speech.

This individual acknowledged receiving “several concerning calls about this on Friday.”

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