The state of New Jersey ranks the Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) as the # 1 school in Atlantic County.

It’s well earned. Dr. Phil Guenther and his staff have done an incredible job building a high caliber institute of learning.

The supply and demand regarding the school is commendable … as many more students would like to attend versus how many open spots there are each year.

Additionally, they have done a great job with their various extra and co-curricular activities.

The crew program is on the move. It’s a great team sport … it’s also a very expensive sport.

One boat (shell) can easily cost more than $ 35,000.

The ACIT crew program rows out of the Brigantine Boathouse.

The Brigantine Boathouse is one of the most generous practitioners in the history of the sport.

The Brigantine Boathouse literally saved the Stockton University rowing program.

The Brigantine Boathouse came through big time when Atlantic City’s duo of Marty and La’Quetta Small kicked out Stockton University from the Atlantic City Boathouse for no justifiable reason.

Stockton University is a nationally caliber and ranked program. They kicked to the curb with no time to spare snd almost lost last season.

The ACIT crew program currently rents its rowing equipment from the Brigantine Boathouse.

We have spoken with a very committed parent, with multiple children in the ACIT crew program.

“Dr. Phil Guenther has hired a 2-time PAN-AM Gold medalist in women's rowing from Canada. We are really an up and coming crew team,” said the parent.

“The school itself is outstanding and I truly believe they are producing our future nurses, architects, pilots, military, television producers and more vocations.”

Here are some upcoming events:

Garden State Championships, Saturday, April 27, 2024.

City Championships, Saturday & Sunday,  May 5-6, 2024.

The ACIT crew program is currently in the process of raising the funds to purchase their own boats. All equipment purchased will come from funds raised by the Booster Club.

You can learn more about this at:

There is a sponsorship page on their website if you would like to get involved and help the ACIT girls and boys crew program reach their financial goals.

I am very exciting to announce for the first time, that on Friday, October 4, 2024, at our annual “Hurley in the Morning” Charity Dinner & Silent Auction (at Resorts Casino Hotel) … we will present a $ 5,000 Grant to the Atlantic County Institute of Technology for their girls and boys crew program.

Our guest of honor and keynote speaker is Michael Harrison, the Founder & Publisher of Talkers Magazine.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

SOURCE: and a program parent.

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