New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina has joined the New Jersey Senate Republican Caucus to “end this ill-advised 4-month hiatus for the legislature given the many challenges being faced by our residents,” said Polistina.

The latest issue is a bipartisan effort to avoid a crippling unemployment tax hike on businesses.

Polistina believes that “we should be utilizing federal support to avoid all tax increases.”

“I applaud the Senate Republicans for their efforts to get the legislature back to Trenton to prevent this tax increase on our employers,” said Polistina.

“Our businesses in the Atlantic County region have suffered enough with closures, capacity limitations, and a lack of employees willing to work. The last thing they need is another tax increase on top of these challenges.”

Polistina also noted that there are many other things that the legislature should be dealing with, “which should not be waiting until the end of this vacation.”

“We should be in Trenton right now ending the exemption which allows smoking in the casinos and other facilities at the detriment of employees and patrons in these buildings.”

“Employees deserve clean air and a healthy work environment free from the potential deadly impacts of secondhand smoke,” said Polistina.

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Other important issues requiring attention from the legislature include the broken unemployment insurance system, continued problems plaguing the Department of Motor Vehicles, “royal decrees by the Governor which should be discussed and debated, and now potentially opening the door to extremely controversial vaccine mandates for children,” said Polistina.

“We have issues to address for the people of this state,” said Polistina. “Hopefully, the Democrats in the legislature officially recognized by the non-partisan (LOL) Office of Legislative Services have now worked on their tan long enough, and we can get back to work,” concluded Polistina.

Polistina is laughing at the notion that the Office of Legislative Services is non-partisan because they’ve been purposefully dragging their feet with Polistina’s certification paperwork, as Polistina has joined the New Jersey State Senate.

It appears obvious that the Senate is being kept out of session until after the General Election for purely political reasons.

Polistina for Senate Facebook photo
Polistina for Senate Facebook photo

Polistina is running with former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Claire Swift.

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021, with 9 days of early voting at the polls preceding November 2nd. This will be the first early voting at the polls in New Jersey history.

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