You're going to probably shed a tear or two when you see this video of a baby raccoon and its mom. The good news is that everyone is safe and sound.

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Wildlife Aid, located in Egg Harbor Township, posted this story of the raccoon family that was discovered living on a boat in Somers Point.

The boat recently changed hands and the new owner found the animals on board. Luckily, he contacted Wildlife Aid to grab the raccoons and provide a safe shelter:

Mom raccoon: This mother raccoon was living on a boat in Somers Point with her five babies. That didn't go over too big with the boat owner since he had just purchased this boat and had never been out on it, but he was very kind and did the right thing. So the mom raccoon and babies are now at Wildlife Aid.
Tonight she gently had her hand on the baby while I was placing her dinner in the cage, almost as if to tell me this was her baby please don't hurt it. As you can see he was having a dream.

Posted by Wildlife Aid on Monday, April 25, 2022

Wildlife Aid, according to their Facebook page, "is a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers who help injured and orphaned wildlife."

If you find wildlife that needs help, you can reach out through their Facebook page or you can call (609) 927-0538.

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