BEDMINSTER — Anti-Trump organizers say the first delivery of floating "Baby Trump" balloons have arrived and may soon greet the president when he makes his next visit to his exclusive golf club in the Somerset Hills.

"The first two of six Baby Trump balloons have arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey where a dedicated team of tot tenders from the People’s Motorcade have been preparing for their arrival. We are now scheduling the Baby Trump Tour to bring him to locations across the country," organizers said Wednesday on the Facebook page for Baby Trump Tour.

New Jersey-based People's Motorcade organizers last month raised nearly $24,000 toward a goal of bringing one of the balloons from Britain, where the hot-air effigy first made a stink by flying over Parliament during President Donald Trump's visit to London. Organizers initially had sought to raise just $4,500. The extra money allowed them to get six balloons.

Organizers said they are looking for people who can "adopt" the balloons.

"Like every adoption service, prospective parents will be interviewed and vetted to meet the requirements for a good parent. You can email us at to receive the announcement by direct message from us," the group said.

The 20-foot balloons will fly near Trump's Bedminster golf course. The balloons will be tethered to the ground and are not expected to run afoul of the Federal Aviation Administration's temporary flight restriction surrounding the Trump property.

They expect the balloons to be ready to fly over Bedminster by the end of this month, an organizer told

Organizers also said they expect to send the balloons to Palm Beach, Los Angeles, St Louis, and Washington, D.C.

"With your help and participation, we can share these big cry-babies across America sending Donald Trump and his enablers a powerful message for the next two years if he remains in office," organizers said.

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