HACKENSACK —Two city residents have been charged with severely injuring an infant who had at least 15 broken bones that had never been treated by a doctor.

"Significant forehead bruising" on the two-month-old's forehead got the attention of a Division of Child Protection and Permanency worker who brought the child to Hackensack University Medical Center on Oct. 11, according to Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella.

Doctors said the infant had twelve broken ribs in various stages of healing, two broken clavicles in different stages of healing, a broken arm, and various bruises and cuts, according to Musella.

Heather Chambers, 35, and William Galan, 37, both single and living in the same apartment, never sought medical treatment for the child, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors did not say Friday why the child welfare investigator had been in contact with the child. The news release also did not explain the adults' relationship to each other and the child.

The Hackensack pair was arrested Friday on second-degree child endangerment charges. They were being held at the Bergen County Jail awaiting a court hearing on Sunday.

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