We all have our favorite place to go and watch the game and grab a drink.

We asked people from all over South Jersey what bar they missed the most and the one answer that appeared in every city we asked was Maloney's in Margate.

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Maloney's closed its doors for good in 2005, but it has never been forgotten. The bar was located on 21 S. Washington ave in Margate and had a collection of two dining rooms and five bars, including an outdoor patio.

The place had familiar and friendly bartenders, a tiny little bathroom, there was an old cigarette machine and an ultra-low ceiling, that had beer labels stuck to it, that patrons would need to navigate their way through the tavern area, or "zoo" as it was often called (which was also my favorite part of hanging out at Maloney's).

matchsets via eBay.com
The Tavern or 'Zoo'  in Maloney's (matchsets via eBay.com)

Plenty of local relationships, friendships and more were formed at Maloney's and its unique atmosphere is something the locals and people who vacation in Margate still miss to this day.

It was torn down to make way for luxury townhouses.

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21 S. Washington Ave in Margate, site of Maloney's

Judging by the number of people who answered Maloney's when we asked what South Jersey bar you missed the most, it's a place that is very memorable.

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By far Maloney's in Margate is a bar most people in South Jersey miss, but there are so many other bars we miss too.

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