Within a matter of days, two meteorologists at two different TV stations in Philadelphia announced they are leaving for new opportunities.

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As a major television market, people in media will often spend years or decades trying to be hired in Philadelphia.

As such, one on-camera personality leaving usually makes headlines by itself, let alone two in the span of about a week.

Steve Sosna to Depart NBC10

Within the past few days, meteorologist Steve Sosna announced he will be leaving NBC10 in about a month.

Sosna broke the news on Facebook, saying,

When I came to NBC10 back in 2017, I thought this is it! I'm set for life at NBC10. But as we know, life can be as unpredictable as the weather. My husband recently got an incredible job within the federal government, and so we're off to Washington DC. He's already there! This is an opportunity that I could not hold him back from-- as it is his dream, and he followed me to PHILLY 6 years ago for my dream.

Sosna will be joining WJZ-TV in Baltimore on March 13th.

  • WATCH: Sosna tracks severe weather on June 3, 2020:

Llarisa Abreu leaving CBS 3

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, meteorologist Llarisa Abreu says she's leaving KYW-TV after two years.

I got to experience how this city rides for its sports teams. Every body hated Ben Simmons to the Phillies at the World Series and NOW the Eagles at the Super Bowl !! This city embraced me, sharpened my forecasting skills, toughened this Jersey Girl up and tucked me under its wing and carried me through it all. My time here is coming to an end. My last day on CBS3 is February 17. Excited for my next chapter which is a full circle moment for me!

Abreu has not yet disclosed what her future plans hold.

  • WATCH: Abreu tracks dangerous heat this past summer:

These changes at NBC10 and CBS3 come just weeks after Jim Gardner retired from Channel 6 following a career that spanned more than four decades.

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