GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP — Four men are accused of getting into a violent road rage brawl on a busy road in broad daylight this past week.

Police said that two vehicles were involved in a minor crash near the intersection of Blackwood Clementon Road and Emerson Drive in Gloucester Township around 2 p.m. Thursday. There were two men in each car.

Two men in one of the vehicles got out and confronted the other two. The group then started to fight in the middle of the road, Gloucester Township police said.

At first, the brawl just involved hands and fists. But during the fight, they each grabbed weapons.

One man pulled out a Sig Sauer P250 9mm handgun while another grabbed a screwdriver and a third got a "long wooden handle."

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Before the fight escalated even further, a Vorhees police officer driving past the area saw the commotion and stopped. He drew his firearm and commanded the men to drop their weapons and get on the ground.

Oscar Torres-Montano, 18, and Isaiah Santiago, 19, both of Clementon, are each charged with aggravated assault, unlawful weapon possession, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Gavin Molino, 19, and Emidio Mariani, 21, both of Gloucester Township, are each charged with simple assault, unlawful possession of a handgun, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and possession of hollow point rounds.

The suspects suffered minor injuries including cuts and bruises. One of the men got a concussion from the fight.

"If it wasn’t for the quick, decisive action of the Voorhees Officer involved, the situation could’ve easily escalated into a more serious situation where the use of an illegally possessed firearm could’ve ended with deadly consequences," police said in a statement.

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