United States Senator Bernie Sanders just faked-out the entire political Intelligentsia.

Everyone thought that Bernie was bowing out of the race for the Democratic Nomination for President of The United States.

Surely, Bernie would only advertise a 1:00 p.m. campaign announcement to confirm that he was prepared to fall-in-line with former Vice President Joe Biden.

At one point Bernie even said, ”millions of Democrats believe that Joe Biden is more electable versus Donald Trump than I am.“

The words that were supposed to come out of his mouth next were supposed to be something like - “Therefore, I intend to suspend my campaign for President and I will be supporting Joe Biden.”

Instead, Sanders stated that he didn't agree with this assessment. He next confirmed that he is looking forward to this Sunday night’s debate, which he called the first one-on-one debate.

This is very bad news for Biden, who has been shaky each and every time that he speaks. Biden will have no where to hide. It remains to be seen whether Biden can hold up to this level of scrutiny.

To try and contain Biden’s disturbing performances, he has been limited to 7-minute limit speeches, readIng strictly from a teleprompter.

Biden had a recent profane outburst at a campaign event in Michigan. Biden flipped-out on an auto worker who asked him a polite question.

This Sunday’s debate is Sanders last chance to reset the race. Undoubted, you can expect that he will he going very hard after Biden.

Will Biden feel the Bern?

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