During this quarantine, we feel like all that we're doing is eating. Well, a lot of us have always said that we love food so we can't complain. Let's be real though, the cooking part is starting to get tough.

Speaking of food, Delish.com recently reported that Burger King will be hooking-up students with some free food. It was mentioned that the fast food restaurant is offering all students a free Whopper.

Well, it's not really free.

Burger King is trying to make you work for it a little. According to Delish.com, there are a few steps you have to take before you can get the free Whopper. First, you have to get their app because you have to place the order online. Then you have to answer some type of school-related question. Then you'll finally be able to get the code for the free burger.

We learned from Delish that the questions aren't always going to be the same.

From now until April 20th, the fast food restaurant will be changing the question. Darn! I thought it would be easy and we could share the answers.

BK released a statement to Delish stating that during these tough times they are trying to do whatever is in their power to take care of their employees, while also continuing serving different communities.

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