Baseball was once widely recognized as “America’s Pastime.”
This great tradition was passed on through the generations.
During time of war,  President Franklin Roosevelt urged Major League Baseball to continue to play to help heal the mood of the nation.
Major League Baseball was also vital when President George W. Bush took to the mound at Yankee Stadium in October, 2001 after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against America.
There was reverence for the Major League Baseball stars of the many eras.
From Babe Ruth … to Lou Gehrig … to Joe DiMaggio … to Mickey Mantle … to Reggie Jackson … to Derek Jeter (if you’re a Yankees fan).
Each generation always had a new baseball hero to root for.
Does it actually end here?
Are there no more true baseball heroes left for the kids and the big kids alike to root for?
Mike Trout is this era’s Mickey Mantle. In my eyes, he’s a “throw-back” to everything that was right about Major League Baseball.
I hate to say it … but, I’m hard pressed to name another. I know that there are very talented players; Tatis, Jr., Guerro, Jr. and several others.
But, is it the same as “we” remember it? It sure doesn’t feel that way.
Major League Baseball also got itself caught-up in the “Woke” movement. That drove still more fans away from the game.
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Nothing stays the same. We’re always evolving. But, at the rate we’re going, baseball could be on a course for ruination.
That’s why I’m so excited about the official Major League Baseball game being played tonight (The New York Yankees vs. The Chicago White Sox) in Iowa on a fantastic field called “The Field of Dreams” after the fabulous Kevin Costner movie.

MLB via Getty Images
MLB via Getty Images

I love the movie and I am enjoying watching tonight’s game.

Watching Kevin Costner walk through the corn stalks onto the Field of Dreams, with the movie music playing was epic.
Today’s stars playing on The Field of Dreams is amazing, except as I file this, The Yankees are losing 7-4 in the top of the 6th inning.
It has the innocent feel of what baseball used to be like.
If you build it … will they come?
It wasn’t that long ago when players worked full-time jobs during the off season; insurance sales, car

sales, etc.
You name it. They did it. They did it, because they had to.
They also played baseball for the love of the game. Not for the money.
Babe Ruth became the first six figure man in the 1920’s. The Bambino once bragged about making more than The President of the United States. He said he “had a better year.”
In America today, fewer and fewer young people are playing baseball.
In many communities, they are having a hard time even fielding teams to have league play.
It makes what my friend and colleague Mike Gill has done with Atlantic Shore Babe Ruth team all the more impressive.
Through the years, the Atlantic Shore teams have had great success. They are once again headed to World Series play right now.
If you can help Mike raise the funds that they need, it will go a long way towards their continued success as a highly successful program.
If you’re watching tonight’s Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox official Major League Baseball game, I hope that it sends you back in time to when baseball was America’s past time.
Do you remember looking forward to watching games with your Father, Mother, sisters and brothers?
What happened? Why isn’t this way anymore?
Will it ever be, again?

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