If you're looking for a great spot to eat any time of the day or night, then it turns out that we have the best spot in the whole state right in our backyard.

According to Cosmopolitan, the absolute best 24 hour spot in the Garden State is the Chicken or the Egg, a great place right in Beach Haven, and that is really an awesome choice.

It was way back on Memorial Day weekend 1991 when the Chicken or the Egg opened for the first time right next to the legendary Bill's Barber Shop. And every great thing about the Chicken or the Egg has carried over to their current location (right across the street from the original).

If you look at the website now, you my be wondering how they were named the top 24 hour spot in the state when they are not open 24 hours, but they were before COVID and the plan is to get back to the 24 hour schedule in the very near future.

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And the Chicken or the Egg is famous for its great food, including those awesome omelets, sandwiches, award winning soups, and those oh so amazing wings that everyone loves so much.

This is an awesome restaurant where the friendships and camaraderie are as prevalent and as important as the awesome food they are famous for. And remember, they have indoor and outdoor seating and take out as well!

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