Yesterday, we revealed a disturbing “report card” assessment from an incumbent member of the Atlantic City Board of Education, who blew the whistle about 14 major problems happening within the Atlantic City Public Schools at this time.

If you missed it, here is a link to our exclusive coverage:

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One of the items addressed is a significant problem with absenteeism and tardiness.

The incumbent ACBOE Member reported to us that the reason for the current record-level absenteeism and tardiness is due to the “violence that occurs on a daily basis” within the Atlantic City Public Schools.

We have obtained a copy of a letter, written by a Doctor from the renowned Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), which contains evidence as to the reason why.

To protect the Patient/Doctor privacy and for the safety of the student, we cannot release the identity of the Pediatrician or student.

We will reveal the entire contents of the letter, which reads:

To whom it may concern:

The above patient and (his/her) parents have expressed to me the extreme displeasure that they have with the manner in which (his/her) school, Atlantic City High School, is experiencing significant violence between students on a daily basis.

This is causing extreme anxiety for this patient, resulting in (him/her) being frequently late for school several times a week.

I am requesting that these tardy episodes not be misconstrued by the school administration as absences for (his/her) attendance records.

To do so would be punishing (him/her) for the difficulties that the school administration has with controlling the violence in your school.

Should you have any difficulties with this request or you wish to discuss this issue further, please contact me at the office at any time.

The above is not an exception, the incumbent Atlantic City Board of Education “whistleblower” said that this issue of absenteeism and tardiness is “record-setting in the history of the Atlantic City Public Schools history” at this time.

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This makes (essential) the proposed Senator Vince Polistina legislation for the state of New Jersey to take over complete control of the Atlantic City Public Schools System.

The teachers, supportive staff, and students face an existence of fear on a daily basis just coming to school.

We have also received numerous videos, of actual fights that take place at the Atlantic City Public Schools on a daily basis.

We will not exploit and publish them, as they are bloody, scary, physical altercations … with large crowds of students watching and filming these disturbing fights.

I’ve viewed at least 6 videos. The fights are very violent and disturbing in nature.

The fights take place in the hallways and auditorium.

The incumbent Atlantic City Board of Education Member has described the current situation as “critical,” and (he/she) supports a full takeover of the Atlantic City Public Schools by the state of New Jersey.

SOURCE: Incumbent Member of The Atlantic City Board of Education.

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