chutzpaor chutz·pah, hutz·pa, hutz·pah[ hoo t-spuh, khoo t- ]
noun Slang.
1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.

2. audacity; nerve.

This just about sums it up.

Day-after-day, Brigid Callahan Harrison’s campaign and surrogates have been viciously trashing Craig Callaway, his family, and associates.

The press releases are some of the most nasty attacks that I’ve ever seen in nearly 30 years covering political campaigns.

The attacks have been personal, mean-spirited, even going so low as to bring-up Callaway’s deceased brother.

The Harrison campaign is trying to destroy Callaway and in the process disqualify Amy Kennedy from serious consideration for the Democrat Nomination for The United States House of Representative’s in New Jersey’s District 2.

What is important to highlight is that Harrison enthusiastically courted and did everything that she could to hire Callaway.

Harrison desperately wanted to bring Callaway's vaunted Vote-by-Mail program to her campaign. And, she did everything in her power to achieve it.

Harrison requested and received a local diner meeting with Callaway.

Harrison poured it on. She even went so far as to (according to Craig Callaway) lie to Callaway and reportedly told him that Kennedy would be dropping out and endorsing her candidacy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Kennedy was never dropping out; in fact, at the time, she hadn’t even dropped-in.

Kennedy declared her official candidacy shortly after the infamous Harrison-Callaway diner meeting.

Callaway did not commit to Harrison during their meeting. Callaway confirmed to me that he was never going to work for her campaign. He said he didn’t like her from the beginning and had told her that he “would think about her offer and get back to her.”

In the days that followed, Harrison repeatedly called Callaway. Callaway put her on ice.

It was always Callaway’s intention to support Kennedy, who he felt was the better person.

A short time later, The Atlantic City Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Kennedy.

Harrison stormed out of that meeting. According to Craig Callaway, Harrison told him that “it’s going to be a blood bath.”

This was aggressive language coming from a so-called non-biased Professor, who was fronted on television and in print for years as a dispassionate political observer and commentator.

We now know the truth about all of this baloney.

A decidedly scorched Earth policy has been employed. One nasty press release after another keeps being dropped by Harrison surrogates.

It’s politics. Nothing new about such dirty tactics, that are ripe with hypocrisy.

However, now you know the truth. Every time you see one of these vicious Callaway attacks by Harrison; Remember, she relentlessly pursued Callaway’s professional services for her campaign.

Harrison is hilariously and inexorably linked to Callaway in this campaign. So much so that the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO sent out a flyer asking for support for:

Brigid Callaway Harrison.

Her name is:

Brigid Callahan Harrison.

Freudian slip? You decide.

Only after Callaway spurned Harrison’s offer, did Callaway become such a “bad” person.

And, that’s chutzpah.

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