The Atlantic City Skate Zone can use all the help that it can get.

Yet, it appears that the City of Atlantic City turned down the opportunity to generate much needed revenue.

Former Stockton University head men’s ice hockey coach Alan Rhoads wanted to bring youth summer camps and adult tournaments to the Atlantic City Skate Zone.

Here’s an example of one such opportunity:

Alan Rhoads photo.
Alan Rhoads photo.

Why was my highly rated and beloved Small Business, Downbeach Hockey, (and my business partners) denied the opportunity to bring significant revenue into the ice rink for youth summer camps and adult tournaments? - asked Rhoads.

Rhoads shared the following communication that he says that he received from the Atlantic City Business Administrator.

Do not schedule anything in this rink without my and city approval, you are not to collect any donations or sponsors for anything dealing with this rink private or on behalf of the city without written approval. Any violation of this by anyone will be prohibited from using rink for anything.

Rhoads shared more details.

“The Business Administrator text was sent to former rink Manager Mike Hancharik, July 2022.

Rhoads asks:

  • Is it fair then, on January 12th, 2023, during his State of the City Address, for the mayor to call the ice rink, "a loser for Atlantic City"?
  • How is it that on April 26th, 2023, during a press conference held at the ice rink, did the mayor and his CFO publicly complain that the ice rink "has been a financial loss for the city" yet unlawfully deny an Atlantic City kid from bringing in significant revenue into the ice rink and stimulating our local small businesses?

Rhoads concluded by stating that:

“We had sponsorships lined up ready to go. Teams registered. Ice was booked,” said Rhoads.

”The mayor (Marty Small), and others unfortunately, called these owners, defamed me, and used fear of retaliation to prohibit these businesses from participating,” said Rhoads.

At the present time, the Atlantic City Skate Zone is in rough shape and you would think that Small would be open to getting all of the help that is available?

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