Former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway has exclusively advised us that he is filing a New Jersey Bar ethics complaint against local Atlantic City attorney Tracy Riley, Esq.

Riley is the counsel for the Atlantic City Board of education.

Callaway sent me the following about Riley:

I am in the process of filing ethics violation on Tracy Riley who has contracts with the Atlantic City School Board and also a contract with the City of Atlantic City and is currently representing Marty Small regarding criminal complaints that were filed by Deon Garland and me, wrote Callaway.


It remains to be determined if Riley has a conflict of interest.

Atlantic City Board of Education photo of Tracy Riley.
Atlantic City Board of Education photo of Tracy Riley.

However, there appears to be an epidemic of legal conflicts involving lawyers who have received legal contracts from the City of Atlantic City … who then simultaneously participate in sensitive legal cases whereby Atlantic City Marty Small has a keen interest.

For example, Atlantic City Councilman LaToya Dunston has been embroiled in protracted litigation regarding her razor thin election victory over challenger Viana Bailey.

Bailey was recruited and enthusiastically supported by Marty Small to run against Dunston.

Dunston has advised that Small directly obtained attorney Anthony Antonelli to represent Bailey.

According to Dunston, Antonelli also has a legal contract with the City of Atlantic City.

Dunston raised a conflict of interest with New Jersey Superior Court Judge Mike Blee, who is presiding over the Dunston - Bailey election case.

It raises legitimate questions as to why/how Judge Blee has allowed attorney Anthony Antonelli to represent Dunston's opponent Bailey.

It appears to be so obviously inappropriate.

Blee has reopened the previously settled Dunston - Bailey 2nd Ward Atlantic City Council election.

Blee’s actions closely followed the federal election charges that have been filed against Craig Callaway.

Blee will be ruling whether to order a new election, or, some other potential remedy in the very near future.

Here is yet another conflict of interest regarding a lawyer who has received a legal contract from the City of Atlantic City and then attempted to represent a client who is closely aligned with Marty Small.

This time, the Judge didn’t put up with these shenanigans.

To his credit, Margate City Judge John H. Rosenberger did the right thing. Rosenberger did what Blee should have done earlier.

Rosenberger asked attorney Damon Tyner if he had a conflict of interest, should he represent defendant Craig Newsome.

Dunston filed charges against Newsome for allegedly making violent threats against her on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Judge Rosenberger halted the proceeding when a question was raised if Newsome's attorney, Damon Tyner had a conflict of interest because he has a contract to do legal work for City of Atlantic City.

Tyner acknowledged to Judge Rosenberger that he does have a conflict of interest. That immediately ended the court hearing ... which has been rescheduled for Monday, March 25, 2024.

Unrelated, Tyner was recently named the new municipal prosecutor in Vineland City.

Tyner is also a former Atlantic County Prosecutor, New Jersey Superior Court Judge and New Jersey Administrative Law Judge.

Tyner certainly should have known that he has a direct conflict of interest that would disqualify him from being able to represent Newsome in a case versus a member of the Atlantic City Council.

The case is being heard in a Margate City conflict court, because Dunston is an elected official from the City of Atlantic City and Newsome is an employee in the so-called anti-violence program.

A serious question that must be properly answered:

Why do these attorney’s, who have legal contracts with the City of Atlantic City … attempt to defend clients with very close ties to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small?

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