BAYONNE — A Middlesex County man has been arrested and charged after allegedly assaulting a 64-year-old man with one leg outside a supermarket in early January.

Oswaldo Gonzalez-Varon, 54, of North Brunswick, has been charged with aggravated assault and weapons offenses, according to Bayonne police.

Gonzalez-Varon was taken into custody without incident on Tuesday, four weeks after the incident allegedly unfolded on the 25th Street side of ShopRite.

The victim told police he was loading groceries into his vehicle when the driver of a nearby vehicle accused him of striking his vehicle with a shopping cart. During their argument, the suspect, later identified as Gonzalez-Varon, grabbed a baton-type weapon from his vehicle and started to jab the victim with it, police said.

When the victim tried to defend himself, police said, Gonzalez-Varon struck the victim's arms and hands with the baton. The victim was seated in his vehicle with the door open at the time.

The victim suffered injuries to his left arm and right hand, police said.

Gonzalez-Varon was eventually taken into custody when detectives observed him in the area of 40th Street and Broadway.

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