An Ocean County man accused of using racial slurs in repeated threatening messages was directing them at a young man dating his daughter, according to investigators.

Walter Maxim, who is white, used a string of racial slurs in text messages sent to a Black college student, according to the affidavit of probable cause for Maxim's arrest.

(Walter Maxim Facebook page)
(Walter Maxim Facebook page)

The 44-year-old Beachwood resident has been charged with three counts of bias intimidation, terroristic threats, stalking and harassment.

Maxim texted the student's family would get 'hurt' police say

The investigation began on Monday when a man visited Beachwood Police Department Headquarters to report that he and his family were victims of bias-related threats and communications.

The victim said that his son — who attends college out of NJ — was "known to" Maxim’s family.

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Screenshots of the threats made were part of evidence collected by police, including one in which Maxim said he located the young man's family and that they were going "to get hurt."

Beachwood detectives said that between July and now, Maxim sent numerous text messages with racial slurs, vulgarities and threatening statements directed toward the young man and his family.

The college student had asked Maxim to stop, but the threatening messages continued, police said.

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