Cops in Wildwood say a theft investigation that started at Wawa ended with a man from North Cape May being arrested on DWI and drug-related charges.

The Wildwood Police Department says early Wednesday morning, officers responded to Wawa on New Jersey Avenue to investigate a theft. Shortly after they arrived, they initiated a vehicle stop where 20-year-old Matthew Walter III of North Cape May was behind the wheel.

Police say,

During the course of the investigation, information was developed resulting in the arrest of Mr. Walter. A subsequent search of the interior of the motor vehicle, incident to arrest was conducted. During the physical search, distribution quantities of narcotics specifically marijuana, and narcotics paraphernalia were recovered. The controlled dangerous substances seized were recognized as packaged for street level sales / distribution. Additionally, recovered and seized in connection to the investigation was two thousand dollars in United States Currency, which was identified as proceeds of illicit activity, and will be submitted for forfeiture due to the totality of the circumstances.

Walter was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana W/I to distribute, possession of marijuana W/I to distribute within 1000’ of school property, possession of marijuana W/I to distribute within 500’ of certain public property, throwing body fluids at a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, and refusal to submit to fingerprinting. Additional motor vehicle summonses were also issued including driving while under the influence of alcohol / narcotics, refusal to submit to the breath test, and controlled dangerous substances in a motor vehicle.

Police say Walter was incarcerated at the Cape May County Correctional Center.

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