Beach lovers up and down the Jersey Shore are now enjoying the benefits of smoke-free beaches. Currently there are about a dozen smokeless beaches in the Garden State. Will Margate be next?

According to, Longport was the latest, and the first beach in Atlantic County, to ban smoking on all beaches.

Now comes word that Margate residents, according to Shore New Today, also want to enforce a smoking ban on its beaches. Residents of the Atlantic Avenue Condominium Association want to join Longport as a smoke-free beach, and have asked Margate officials to put the ban in place.

According to Margate resident Wendy Dickstein:

“Being so close to Longport, I’m particularly concerned that now that they have a ban on smoking that those residents and visitors will then come over to the Margate beach and it will be even more of a problem with cigarette butts and cigar smoking.”


The next meeting in Margate will be held this Thursday, June 1st at City Hall on S.Washington Ave.


Sources:, Shore News Today

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